Winning Stories (2012)

We’ve declared the winners of the 2011-2012 Friends of the Merril Short Story Contest, and for ninety days (April 5, 2012 – July 4, 2012) the winning stories were available to read here on the contest website. The winning stories have since been removed from the website, but the record of the winners and finalists in the 2011-2012 contest remains online, listed below:


First Place:

Sarah Ennals (The Emmet)

Second Place:

Jason S. Ridler (Rikidōzan and the San Diego Swerve Job)

Third Place:

Dr. Philip Edward Kaldon (Your First Real Rocket Ship)

The entries from the remaining six finalists for the 2011-2012 Friends of the Merril Short Story Contest year are listed below:

Colleen Anderson (The Ties That Bind)

James Bambury (The Mobius Garden)

Suzanne Church (Muffy and the Belfry)

Barbara Gordon (Climbing Boys)

Claire Humphrey (Weathermakers)

Kari Maaren (My Profit On’t Is)

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