About The Merril / Friends of Merril

About the Merril Collection of Science Fiction, Speculation and Fantasy

The Merril Collection, originally the Spaced Out Library and later renamed for the late Judith Merril, is the foremost North American public assemblage of Speculative, SF and Fantasy Fiction and is an invaluable tool for enthusiasts, researchers and authors.

A Special Collection of the Toronto Public Library system, the Merril Collection houses a comprehensive array of over 72,000 (and growing) items. The reference stacks include hardcover and paperback fiction, first and rare editions, TPB graphic works and comic collections, pulp and later era magazines, fanzines, research material and critical essays/reference works and compendia – as well as donated original manuscripts from authors such as Phyllis Gottlieb and Guy Gavriel Kay.

About the Friends of the Merril Collection

The Friends of the Merril Collection is a volunteer organization that provides support and assistance to the Merril Collection through paid membership in the Friends, through donations, the sponsorship of related events such as readings, book launches and signings, panel discussions, and the publication of the newsletter Sol Rising.

Donations made to the Friends go directly toward the above services and the purchase of books for the Collection itself.

If you are interested in supporting the Friends of the Merril there are several ways to do so:

Purchase a Membership in the Friends

Donate to the Friends

Volunteer with the Friends

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