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Congratulations, Winners!


“Cheers” by pietro-ant

The results have been tallied, and we are proud to announce the winners of the 2017 Friends of the Merril Short Story Contest!

1st Place:”At the Edge of a Human Path” by Stewart C Baker

Runner-Up: “Short Straw” by Rebecca Schwarz

Runner-Up: “The Sylph and the Song” by Samantha Beiko

Congratulations to the winners as well as the other finalists! All of the stories were very strong and were wonderful reads. We hope to see more from all of you in the future!

Thanks to our judges, Alyx Dellamonica, Kelley Armstrong, and Indrapramit Das as well as our first readers, Claire Humphrey and Adam Shaftoe! Thanks also the board of the Friends of the Merril Collection and the staff of the Collection. I’m honoured to have such talented, reliable colleagues in this endeavor!


The 2017 Friends of the Merril Short Story Contest LONGLIST!

Imagination by silverin87

Thanks everybody for your patience! The semifinal results are now in and the reading team has settled on the finalists in the 2017 Friends of the Merril Short Story Contest!

The 12 longlisted stories are*:

At the Edge of a Human Path
Their War, Here
Short Straw
You’ve Never Seen This Day Before
All the Second Chances
Anatomy of a Rainbow
Future Perfect
The Garden of Eating
The Sylph and the Song
Depth Perception
Machine Language
Morrigan Lake

Responses have gone out to all entrants. If you have not heard from us about your submission, please query! The judging panel will now go over the finalists and decide between them who will take home the top three prizes. Good luck to everyone!

* Author names have been omitted to maintain anonymity. Titles provided for entrants to confirm their submission’s status.

Quick Update on Reading!

Hi everybody!

This is a quick note to let our writers know that we are still finishing up the submission reading and replies are going to be going out this week! Please don’t query until the weekend (May 13th) if you can restrain yourself. It’s coming.

Thank you for your patience and, of course, your excellent stories!