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Drabble Winner!

Happy Tuesday, Writers! Hope you had a weekend of hard work and inspiration, or at least a coffee and a frenzied paragraph or two. You take what you can get!

We loved reading your drabble entries last week. You guys took that prompt and ran with it, but both of our readers had a favourite. The prompt, you will remember was:

[Pronoun] only had one [something] left.”

From that, Clare Wall brought us the following drabble!

She had only one entropic regenesis left. This system would be her last stop before her final physical expiration. Corporeal existence was lonely with only the orchestral pulses of the cells within her for company; she looked forward to becoming Nexus again. First, though, she had to finish her mission and continue seeding the melody until it emanated from every cellular structure in the galaxy. Once completed, she will finally reassimilate with Nexus and listen to the melodies and their evolutions, reveling in each cosmic symphony. Then, in one cacophonous climax of ecstasy, a new universe will be born.

Thank you, Clare!


Getting started is easy, but following through can be hard. Next up: plotting! Still struggling to find the story’s trajectory? We’ve got some advice for you. And if you have already hit your stride? Submit your story! We’d love to hear from you!